E-Commerce trends for 2021

E-Commerce trends for 2021
Year 2020 was a completely different and quite complex year in the economic, political and social aspects. Most part of the commerce had to reinvent and, somehow, find a way to continue reaching the public.
With the transformation of most stores to the digital world, e-commerce has become one of the preferred ways of improving commercial reach and for the companies to continue offering their products and services through other channels. In this blog, we will discuss about four ecommerce trends for 2021. Some trends that will be present this year
  • E-commerce will stay for long.
In the new reality in which we are currently living, e-commerce will continue to position itself as one of the main channels for the commercialization of products and services. Either due to the convenience of the electronic commerce or due to the ease of buying a certain product from wherever you are, it gives value to the companies implementing this option for their public, especially if these web sites or applications are easy to use, providing a good experience to the customer.
  • Services in digital world.
Due to the popularity of e-commerce, services have ventured to become part of this era. Lawyers, financial consultants, physicians… have begun to be part of e-commerce, offering their services through this means, allowing the users to attend to their scheduled appointments from the comfort of their homes.
  • Personalized Service.
Offering a personalized service to the customer has become a substantial aspect of e-commerce. It has become a base of this type of commerce, because it gives e-commerce an interaction adapted to the needs of each client, providing a better experience to the user.
  • Social Networks are also e-commerce.
Social networks have adapted to online purchases. Facebook and Instagram have implemented Buy buttons to its applications, allowing the small businesses to commercialize their products through this cannel, facilitating the purchase to the user, as well as giving new opportunities to the businesses. These are the four most relevant trends of electronic commerce for this 2021. In Afex, we help you with your international transfers to any part of the world, with payments in exotic currencies in case you need it. With us, you may pay to your vendors abroad at fair rates with the lowest commissions in the market and with a personalized service. Contact us and know all the service we can offer you.
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