Exchange Chilean Pesos (CLP) to Euros (EUR)

Exchange Chilean Pesos to Euros or Dollars with fixed rates and low commissions for international bank transfers to Spain, as well as for international bank transfers to Italy and all over Europe. Fulfill your commitments with your vendors and concretize all your objectives, because our service is successful, since we work with professionalism and transparency.

Move your money based on the best exchange rates offered by AFEXAV

Your money transfers in Euros will arrive to your vendors in Spain, Italy and all over Europe in a safe and fast way. The value of Chilean Peso to Euro will always be the actual one and you will never be overcharged. Moreover, we have fixed tariffs and low commissions. It is important for you to be informed, so we keep you informed. Choose AfexAV!

Convert Chilean Peso to Euro without commissions.

Finances can actually be transparent. AfexAV charges low transfer rates, offers fixed commissions, provides convenient currency exchange rates, delivers 100% of the money sent, provides the fastest service of the market with an average transaction time of 3 hours, and ensures the completion of the transfer in less than 24 hours. It also has an exclusive international service via SWIFT.


If you decide to make an international money transfer to Spain, Italy and to any European country with us, you can save much more money and buy more Euros in Chile. We propose to you a personalized service with the best prices in the market. Here!

Advantages of choosing AfexAV for International Transfers in Euros

The advantages of choosing AfexAV for transfers in Euros are:

Ofrecemos el cambio de moneda con las mejores tasas.
No one else in the market operates with our available currencies.
We accredit the money in less than 24 hours.
We send the payment directly into the destination currency, instead of doing double conversion, so it is more convenient.

How do International Payments in Euros work?

International payments in Euros work perfectly with AfexAV, since we work with responsibility and professionalism. This is because we respect our clients and their vendors. We take our work seriously. Trust us!


do we work with?

Aside from the exchange rate in Euros, we have more than 20 different currencies available for you to perform transactions to any country. We invite you to find out more about our foreign currencies:

China -> Yuan (CNY)
USA -> Dollar
Nueva Zealand -> New Zealand Dollar (NZD)
Australia -> Australian Dollar (AUD)

Frequently Asked Questions about converting Chilean Pesos to Euros

What can I pay with money transfers in Euros?

With money transfers in Euros to Spain, for example, you can pay university payments, family support, education, institutions and postgraduate studies. For Italy, payments to vendors of the productive industry are very frequent, such as farm machinery, hydraulic systems, equipment for the hotel and restaurant industry, and more. Finally, you may send money to any European country for any of these needs.

How long do transfers in Euros take?

For international transfer in Euros, transferred funds are credited to the destination account in less than 24 hours. Average time for transactions is less than 3 hours.

How can I know if an international payment in Euros was completed?

To know whether international payments in Euros did arrive, you should only wait AfexAV’s confirmation. We have a 100% fast and safe personalized service. We also have a complete online service for tracking the statement of your transfers. You should refer to “Acceso Portales” (Access to Portals).

Where is it more convenient to buy Euros in Chile?

The most convenient place to buy Euros in Chile is AfexAV, especially because you will be relying on a service with transparent and effective criteria, which takes care of your interests.