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Auditing and Control

Auditing and Financial Control function to comply with quality standards.

Auditing and Control

AFEX AV is an independent essential-business company focused on the business of electronic payments, especially dedicated to the personalized service and knowledge of our customers (KYC) and beneficiaries (KYB). For the fulfillment of these policies, we shall implement the following:
Money laundering and terrorist financing prevention policies:

We shall use customer registration systems, along with a reporting system. It will be the compliance officer’s responsibility to ensure the complete fulfillment of these processes.

External and internal auditing function:

AFEX AV shall be subject to financial and accounting audits carried out by an independent firm duly registered in the Financial Market Commission (FMC), which currently is KPMG. It is our policy that internal audits shall be done by an external company in order to assure the issuance of independent opinions. Currently that function is performed by AEG Partners, in full compliance with the instructions of circular No. 2054 of the FMC.